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$500 minimum is the oldest and largest online Clemson Tigers Sports Community. Established in 1995, TigerNet features daily original articles by professional writers, the latest Clemson Sports updates, blogs, message boards, live chat, member profiles, photos, videos, podcasts and more. We are the #1 source for Clemson Sports on the Internet! Audience Statistics: 95% male 47% have household income of $100k + per year 80% are business professionals, proprietors, or managers 87% are college graduates; 38% have a post graduate education 72% are married; 44% have children 79% own their own home Geographic Location: South Carolina – 47.29% North Carolina - 16.40% Georgia - 10.36% Greenville SC - 7.72% Note: We can target individual states, cities, or zip codes. Email us after you check out if you would like to do that.

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