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Gigaom is the leading independent voice on emerging technologies and a destination for connecting influential technology and business audiences around its coverage of cloud, mobile, cleantech, consumer web and media. 6.5 million+ unique monthly visitors 75%+ college-educated 37% executive/founder & C-level management 55% visit more than 5 times per week 70% have 3+ computers at home Purchasers: Gigaom reaches an audience in the market to purchase technologies within the next 6 months. 53% of Gigaom readers are the ITDM/Buyer for their organization (all stats provided by comScore) For more information please visit:

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Buying from iSocket isn't like buying from networks or exchanges. iSocket provides an automated way to buy well-defined inventory – think homepage units or rising stars – directly from specific publishers, at a guaranteed rate. iSocket never blends inventory from multiple publishers or placements, so you always know exactly what you're buying. iSocket is faster and easier than manual direct buying, but gives you access to the same ad units. Learn more

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