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Christian Science Monitor

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The Monitor is a Pulitzer-prize winning news publication covering international and domestic issues, politics, investing, social trends, and entertainment. attracts readers who want a balanced view on national and international news trends and events. Site visitors respond to products and services that make a strong "value statement" to the individual, community, nation or world. Monitor readers tend to be mature, successful, and financially comfortable. The typical Monitor reader is well-educated, well-traveled, and well-read, drawing from a wide range of thoughtful resources to build an understanding of events and issues. Monitor readers support balanced and constructive journalism and see the Monitor as its highest embodiment. They think more highly of companies because they advertise in the Monitor and are more likely to buy from them. <u>Affluent</u> The median income is $77,500 - 142 Index. <u>Well-educated</u> 37% hold a four-year college degree. 11% hold a postgraduate degree. <u>Politically Active</u> Almost twice as likely have volunteered to help a candidate in the last 3 years. 50% more likely to have gone to a political rally/march/demonstration in the last 3 years. 53% more likely to have donated money to a special interest group in the last 3 years. <u>Well-traveled</u> 14% have taken a foreign trip in the last three years. 53.1% have traveled domestically over the last twelve months. <u>Age</u> Median age is 48. <u>Gender</u> Women 36% Men 64% comScore Plan Metrix June 2013 <A HREF="" target="_blank"><u><FONT COLOR="#FFFFFF">Click here for a full media kit</FONT></u></A>

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